The Importance of Competency Among Workplace Trainers Explained

Sometimes when employers appoint a workplace trainer, they consider selecting workers with the most seniority, those most liked by their colleagues, or workers with strong personalities for whom public speaking won’t be a problem. Sometimes they forget that workplace trainers…


Equipment Training: How to Incorporate Effective Demonstrations

Having a workplace trainer(s) on staff is beneficial in many ways: it gives the employer greater flexibility while reducing training costs, increasing compliance, and making training-record management less complicated. Workplace training also gives you the chance to train directly in the environment in which the work will take place. This presents a unique opportunity for equipment trainers to incorporate demonstrations into their training sessions.

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The Top 5 Training Obstacles & How Train-the-Trainer Programs Can Help You Overcome Them

The virtues of health and safety training are widely known. Not only is a minimum standard of health and safety training the legislated standard, health and safety training aims to reduce accidents and incidents, and increase positive attitudes and safety…

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5 Tips for Delivering a Successful Training Program – Equipment Edition

Seasoned workplace trainers, and workers new to the role, face unique challenges when it comes to delivering equipment-specific training. OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs provide the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively deliver the program back at your workplace – it’s the…