Train-the-Trainer – Making Training More Relevant to Your Workplace

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Written by Jennifer Miller, Curriculum Development Coordinator

OSG’s specific Train-the-Trainer courses, in conjunction with our mandatory Train-the-Trainer day, give participants a complete set of tools and techniques to deliver top-notch training in their workplace. One of the keys to a successful Train-the-Trainer program is that the participant leaves the course with the ability to train a consistent, relevant, and effective program to their peers – every time they deliver the course. However, some employers believe this standard results in too much rigidity, and they lose sign of the benefits and value in this style of training.

OSG Train-the-Trainer programs are the foundation of your workplace-specific training. Successful completion of an OSG Train-the-Trainer is the first step. The second step is to add company-specific flair. OSG Train-the-Trainer programs allow flexibility to employers who wish to make training more relevant to their workers and specific to their physical workspace. We invite—even encourage!—participants and employers to make the training their own by including stand-alone items, such as:

  • Workplace-specific SDSs
  • Tailored policies and procedures
  • Photographs of the real physical workspace
  • A practical evaluation on familiar equipment
  • A tour of areas specifically referred to during training
  • Actual near-miss scenarios and resulting controls that have occurred at their workplace
  • Names and examples of actual staff and operators

Having your workplace trainer add a workplace-specific component to an OSG Train-the-Trainer course will benefit your employees in many ways. The most important benefit is relevance. By making the training even more relevant to participants’ jobs, you encourage better retention, improved engagement and participation, and stronger understanding of concepts.

Making Train-the-Trainer courses relevant to your operations has other benefits, including the ability to tailor training to specific policies, or to drive home that while health and safety legislation is the primary driver when you create policies, you take it above and beyond the minimum that is stated in the legislation. Workplace training is the perfect time to show how your policies operate and exist in conjunction with legislation within your workplace.

Did you know that OSG has trained over 5000 successful workplace trainers? Trainers learn to deliver dynamic and effective programs when they take any of OSG’s Train-the-Trainer courses, which include a mandatory Train-the-Trainer Day* where participants learn about adult learning techniques and effective program design.

Let us help you train your workplace trainer. Click here to see OSG’s course calendar for upcoming Train-the-Trainer offerings in your area. Or, if you have any questions click here to contact us or call 1-800-815-9980 to speak to a Health and Safety expert today.

*Cost is separate.