JHSC Committee Meetings

The committee must meet at the workplace at least once every three months. More frequent meetings may be necessary particularly in industries where the work involves hazardous substances or procedures. Best practices indicate a preference to monthly meetings especially where a committee is first being formed and in situations where it is practical to do so.

Committee meetings usually last one to two hours however this meeting may not be the only type of meeting that committee members may need to attend. The following is a list of various safety related meetings that a member may attend. They include:

  • Facility and plant tours;
  • Internal complaint resolution meetings to review safety issues prior to a work refusal;
  • Ad hoc meeting to review safety issues that arise;
  • Accident or incident review;
  • Implementation of corrective actions; and
  • Discussions about a job hazard analysis.
All joint health and safety committee meetings must follow a standardized agenda to ensure consistency and should follow an order similar to the following;

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance
  3. Approval of previous minutes and status of outstanding items
  4. Chairperson’s report
  5. Recording secretary report (i.e. response to recommendations)
  6. Employee safety concerns
  7. Inspection report
  8. Policy & procedure review if applicable
  9. Legislative review (i.e. www.e-laws.gov.on.ca)
  10. New or upcoming business (i.e. training)
  11. Next meeting topics, planning
  12. Adjournment