Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Refresher Training

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The legislation surrounding the requirements for Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification have changed. In order to be JHSC certified in Ontario after March 1, 2016, members must complete certification with a CPO-approved training provider, and they must complete JHSC Part 1 and JHSC Part 2 within 6 months of one another. Additionally, a JHSC Refresher Course must be completed every three years in order to remain certified.

FAQ about JHSC Refresher Training


When do I need to complete JHSC Refresher?

Your first JHSC Refresher must be completed within three years of completing JHSC Part 1 & 2. After that, JHSC Refresher must be completed once every three years from that date in order to remain a certified JHSC member.

How many days is JHSC Refresher Training?

JHSC Refresher Training is a one-day refresher course.

Do I have to take JHSC Refresher Training with an Approved Provider?

Yes. The Ministry of Labour has outlined that JHSC Refresher Training has to be taken with a CPO approved provider. As always, be sure to document all training and keep documents and any other proof of training on file.

What are the Learning Objectives of the JHSC Refresher Course?

JHSC Refresher training has three primary learning objectives:

  1. Review key concepts from JHSC Part 1 and JHSC Part 2 Training.
  2. Describe changes or updates to relevant legislation, standards, codes of practice, and occupational health and safety best practices.
  3. Provide opportunities for learners to share JHSC best practices, and to discuss challenges and potential resolutions.

Can I get an exemption from taking Refresher Training?

Yes. A certified member may request a one-time exemption from Refresher Training if he or she is an active member (i.e. engaged as a member of the workplace JHSC within the past 12 months). This exemption would extend the required period for JHSC Refresher Training by an additional three years for the active member. 

What happens if I do not take Refresher Training within three years?

If you do not take a JHSC Refresher Training program within three years of completing JHSC Part 2 or a previous JHSC Refresher Training course, and you did not receive a one-time exemption, your certification may be revoked by the CPO. If your certification is revoked, you will have to re-take certification training (i.e. JHSC Part One and Part Two certification training courses and JHSC Refresher training) in order to be re-certified.

Where can I get more information?

You may wish to visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s website to get more information on the JHSC training standard, including the standard for JHSC Refresher Training. Click here to visit the MOL website.

When Can I Complete my JHSC Refresher Training with OSG?

OSG calculates that based on the date of the requirement update (March 1, 2016), that JHSC Refresher Training needs will need to be met starting in January 2019. We will be working hard between now and then to develop a high quality, JHSC refresher training course and have it approved by the CPO. OSG is prepared to satisfy the anticipated need for JHSC Refresher training as the first batch of JHSC members who were certified under the new requirements approaches the three-year deadline. To stay up to date, sign up for our newsletter below or contact us if you have any questions.

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