Keeping Your JHSC Motivated


Motivation is the Key to Retention

With a solid JHSC in place, retention becomes of utmost importance. Training JHSC members is expensive, so treat training as an investment. Protect that investment by ensuring that JHSC members stay motivated. This will increase member retention.

To keep JHSC members motivated, try the following strategies:

Focus on Group Performance:

While individual performance can be a great way to motivate workers, the JHSC functions as a group. Try evaluating and coaching the JHSC based on group performance. Increase the focus on the group component of the JHSC to encourage exchange of ideas and empowerment. Your JHSC will be more motivated to come forward with new ideas and solutions if they feel that they are being evaluated as a group.


Ensure that the JHSC has the Tools Required for Success:

The JHSC in your workplace will be motivated to drive positive health and safety changes in the workplace if they have the tools to do so! These include management buy-in, paid time and job support (in order to properly conduct inspections and hold meetings), and training. With the right tools, the JHSC will be able to set health and safety goals for the workplace, and then strive to meet them.


Capitalize on Interested Workers:

Many people join the JHSC in their workplace because they are passionate about it. Capitalize on this interest, as it benefits your company. Offering additional training is viewed by many workers as a reward. Having a well-trained and engaged JHSC will mean having a JHSC that is motivated to make positive changes.


Reward a Job Well Done:

Be sure to show your JHSC that you appreciate the commitment that they have made to keeping your workplace safe. The rewards need not be extravagant. Most times, a simple “Thanks for your effort,” goes a long way. However, JHSCs can be rewarded in other ways:

  • Surprise them with donuts during a meeting
  • Organize a social outing
  • Provide career development opportunities
  • Write a thank you card
  • Celebrate safety successes company-wide
  • Provide additional training and/or professional development

A well-motivated JHSC will be easy to retain. The best retention strategy out there is motivation. OSG believes in empowering employees through training. Use the tips above to motivate your JHSC. Then watch them reach their highest potential.