Ergonomic Risk Assessment

Ergonomic Risk Assessment





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An Ergonomic Risk Assessment involves reviewing a specific area or workstation to assess the primary ergonomic risk factors (force, posture, and/or repetition/duration) a determine a level of ergonomic risk. In combination with reviewing primary ergonomic risk factors, secondary ergonomic risk factors are also considered in the evaluation. Detailed information is provided regarding the identified risks along with short-
term and long-term ergonomic solutions to reduce risk while ensuring quality and productivity.


  • Conduct interviews with staff and supervisors regarding processes of concern
  • Outline objective workstation/equipment concerns with respect to recognized ergonomic guidelines
  • Identify areas of risk present in the essential tasks within each position
  • Assist with the prioritization of top concerns
  • Provide recommendations on workstation/task organization, procedures and equipment
  • Chart based report including risk level and recommendations

Target Audience

Employers interested in identifying the presence of ergonomic risks within their facility with solutions to mitigate and/or eliminate the risks present. Ideal for production based processes.

Legislative, Guideline or Standard Reference

WSIB MSD Prevention Program
Ministry of Labour (MOL)
Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard
OSHA s. 25. (2)(h)