Lockout/Tagout – Consulting

Lockout/Tagout – Consulting





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Failure to control the release of hazardous energy while servicing and maintaining equipment has the potential to cause injuries in the workplace today.

OSG consultants have studied the principles of lockout/tagout and fully understand how incidents involving uncontrolled energy can seriously affect you, your workers, and your company. The proper development and implementation of specifically designed lockout procedures are essential in reducing workplace accidents, injuries, and death.

An OSG consultant, along with some of your experienced personnel, will perform a hazard analysis of your current equipment. Then, we will create and provide machine-specific lockout/tag-out procedures. These procedures will be designed to ensure that the equipment to be serviced or maintained can be easily locked out by authorized employees.


  • Visit with experienced personnel to perform a hazard analysis and identify all hazardous energy supplied to the equipment
  • Evaluate residual energy
  • Identify isolating points on equipment
  • Identify necessary lockout devices
  • Develop lockout procedure(s) complete with digital photographs of isolating points
  • Deliver machine-specific procedure(s)

Target Audience

Employers who have equipment to be serviced or maintained that requires a lockout/tag-out procedure.

Legislative Reference

Reg. for Industrial Establishments s. 42. (7)