Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Prevention Program Audit

Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Prevention Program Audit





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Whether your MSD prevention program is functioning well or needs improvement, our MSD Program Audit, combined with the experience of our consultants offers the opportunity to identify gaps in your existing
program. Through Gap Analysis and Audits we have experience aiding in streamlining MSD prevention programs to best meet your unique needs. The MSD Program Audit can be used in the initial phase of launching a program as it will identify what is required and demonstrate what ergonomic components already exist.

This Audit can also be used as part of your annual evaluation of your program to help quantify and quality goals and objectives for the following year. Our Audit is consistent with the new Ontario Musculoskeletal Disorders Prevention Guidelines along with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard. Our criteria includes foundational components, risk identification and controls, methods to monitor and measure the success of your program to maximize your MSD prevention.


    • Complete a thorough review of all ergonomic documentation
    • Inspect facility
    • Conduct discussions with workers and management
    • Provide MSD prevention program guideline
    • Identify gaps in the existing program
    • Provide a detailed report regarding recommendations for implementation

Target Audience

Employers interested in implementing a sound Musculoskeletal Prevention Disorder program or updating an existing program.

Legislative, Guideline or Standard Reference

WSIB MSD Prevention Program
Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard