Office Ergonomic Assessment

Office Ergonomic Assessment


1 hour



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An Office Ergonomic Assessment includes an onsite, one-on-one interview with a worker including a review of the workstation, job tasks and work environment. We evaluate the office workstation using basic ergonomic principles. We will adjust or change the workstation to ensure optimal health, comfort and productivity. A report is provided summarizing the data from the assessment, any identified concerns along with any changes made and/or solutions or recommendations required.


  • Evaluate office workstations using basic ergonomic principles
  • Adjust or change the workstation to ensure optimal health, comfort and productivity specifically in regards to areas of discomfort
  • Provide recommendations on workstation/task organization, procedures and equipment
  • Provide recommendations specific to current customer-supplier and furniture contacts
  • Provide a report detailing areas of ergonomic risk and solutions to mitigate and/or eliminate the risk

Target Audience

Employers interested in identifying the presence of ergonomic risks within their facility with solutions to mitigate and/or eliminate the risks present. Assisting with WSIB claims and return to work cases ensuring
the office workstation is ideally set up. Ideal for office based tasks.

Legislative, Guideline or Standard Reference

WSIB MSD Prevention Program
Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard
OSHA s. 25. (2)(h)
BIFMA (Business & Institutional Furniture Manufactures Association)