Physical Demands Analysis – Consulting

Physical Demands Analysis – Consulting

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Poorly defined job descriptions and a lack of proper evaluation of the physical components of a job can lead to inefficiency and injury. A physical demands analysis (PDA) is a systematic process that evaluates the physical and environmental demands of essential and non-essential job tasks. The benefit of having a PDA performed is to determine compatibility between a worker and a specific job.

Our Kinesiologist will objectively evaluate the environmental conditions, use of machines and equipment, tools, and physical demands of each work task to clearly define the job. With a oundation now in place, a complete ergonomic analysis of the job to determine potential risk factors for injury is completed. Our Kinesiologist can provide recommendations for improvements that will reduce the risk of injury to workers.


  • Review and determine the job description
  • Verify the job description
  • Determine essential and non-essential tasks
  • Measure intensity, duration, and frequency of physical tasks
  • Record all data
  • Provide a report and recommendations

Target Audience

Employers who require a physical demands analysis to be completed.

Legislative Reference

OHSA S 25. 2(h)