Respirator Awareness & Fit Testing Training

Respirator Awareness & Fit Testing Training

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Course Summary

Respirators are designed to offer protection when other controls are not feasible, in emergency situations, or to supplement other engineering or administrative controls. They are designed to reduce or minimize exposure or contact to chemical or biological hazards.

If respirators are used in the workplace, the employer is responsible for implementing a written respiratory protection program. Training is an essential element identified within such a program, and each user of a respirator must be properly trained to ensure that they have the ability to select and wear the respirator correctly.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify specific Roles and Responsibilities within a respiratory protection program
  • Explain the process of Hazard Assessment
  • Select the Appropriate Respirator
  • Identify different Types of Respirators
  • Identify different Fit Testing methods (theory)
  • Discuss how to Care for and Maintain your respirator

Target Audience

Managers, supervisors, users of respirators, Joint Health & Safety Committee members, and health and safety representatives

Legislative Reference

O.Reg. 851, s. 79; CSA Z94.4