Workplace Inspection and Hazard Audit – Consulting

Workplace Inspection and Hazard Audit – Consulting

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Hazards can be tough to spot when you become accustomed to work conditions.

Our consultants have a “trained eye”, knowledge, and experience. They have the ability to identify substandard acts, conditions, and practices that may go otherwise unnoticed during routine inspections.

Our inspection audits utilize a comprehensive checklist that will cover most areas for different work environments.


  • Meet with contact to discuss specific areas of focus
  • Review of JHSC/safety representative meeting minutes and inspection records
  • Inspect designated areas
  • Identify hazards
  • Develop a report with action items and recommendations

Note: Photos may be taken (with client permission) and included in the report if the consultant feels it will help to clarify a substandard condition.

Any substandard condition or action that the consultant feels creates an immediate hazard will be immediately brought to the attention of the client.

Target Audience

Employers looking to improve their health and safety program.

Legislative Reference

OHSA s. 25. (2)(j)