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In 2016, Bill 132 was introduced, requiring updates, changes and additions to existing programs. In 2010, the Occupational Health and Safety Act was amended to include workplace violence and harassment as an occupational hazard.

All provincial workplaces employing over five employees must have a developed and implemented workplace violence and harassment program. The amendment to the Act requires the employer to perform a risk assessment for workplace violence, taking into account the nature, type, and/or conditions of work.

Our consultant will visit your workplace to conduct a risk assessment specific to your needs and work environment.


  • Visit your workplace
  • Meeting with appropriate personnel to discuss past incidents (if applicable)
  • Conduct and document workplace inspection
  • Develop a report
  • Deliver report findings and recommendations

Target Audience

Employers looking to have a Workplace Violence and Harassment Risk Assessment conducted.

Legislative Reference

OHSA 32.0.3 (1)