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Become a certified trainer with our Train-the-Trainer program

How it Works

  1. Learn how to train adults by completing our self-paced online Tools and Techniques for Adult Learning course. This is a prerequisite for all of our Train-the-Trainer courses.
  2. Complete the Train-the-Trainer course in the discipline of your choice - offered in-person and in the virtual classroom
  3. Access our Instructor Portal to download and use the latest course presentations and material

Select courses are now being offered via Distance Learning. A Distance Learning course is led by a facilitator and takes place in the virtual classroom. Learn more about Distance Learning.

Step 1: Learn how to teach adults in our self-paced online course

Online - Tools and Techniques for Adult LearningCourse Details

Adult learners have unique needs that need to be considered when designing and facilitating a course. Gain the tools and confidence to create your own courses and deliver training to adults.

Note – anyone who wishes to enroll in a Train-the-Trainer course must complete this course first.

Step 2: Book your Train-the Trainer Course

Now that you've learned how to use Adult Education best practices, you are ready to learn how to train others in the specific discipline of your choosing. Select a date and location below. Distance Learning courses take place in the virtual classroom so you can learn from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Step 3: You're ready to train

All of our Train-the-Trainer courses equip you with the tools and materials you need to start training, including:

  • 1 Leader's Guide - a resource to help guide you while you lead training. Includes speaking notes, prompts, tips, and more.
  • 10 Participant Manuals to provide your learners with during your training
  • Access to our Instructor Portal so you can download the PowerPoint Presentation to help facilitate training at your workplace and place an order to restock your Participant Manuals