Contractor Health and Safety Training Online

Contractor Health and Safety Training Online

Working under a contract has the potential to place employees in hazardous situations. Knowledge of contractor health and safety laws will allow occupational safety to be included in the contract from the beginning.

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Contractor health and safety training discusses basic legal concepts of contract work, how to negotiate a contract, and identify contractor and employer rights. This course will also teach users about the safety risks contractors may face, and proper protocol when recognizing hazards.

Who Needs Contractor Health and Safety Learning?

  • Anyone who works with or around contractors and their supervisors and managers
  • Health and safety committee members and representatives
  • Health and safety personnel

Course Outline

Contractors Vs Employees

  • Introduction & Basic Legal Definitions
  • Defining an Employee
  • Defining a Contractor
  • Professions that use Contractors
  • Telling the Difference: Contractor vs Employee

Health & Safety Laws

  • U.S. Laws
  • Canadian Laws

Negotiating a Contract

  • Stage 1: Proposal Requests
  • Stage 2: Discussing the Project
  • Stage 3: Initial Proposal
  • Stage 4: Negotiations
  • Stage 5: Developing the Contract

Safety on the Job

  • Primary Types of Hazards
  • When you Notice a Safety Hazard