Electrocution Hazards Training Online

Electrocution Hazards Training Online

Electrocution hazards pose a threat when working with electricity. It is important for workers to know what precautions to protect themselves and others on the job.

Course Duration
30 minutes



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Electrocution Hazards Training will teach users to be able to identify major electrocution hazards, describe the types of electrocution hazards, protect him/herself from electrocution hazards and recognize employer requirements to protect themselves.

Who Needs Electrocution Hazards Training?

Electrocution Hazards training is for all workers, supervisors, and managers covered by OSHA in the construction industry

Course Outline

What is an electrocution hazard?

  • Definition of electrocution hazards
  • Examples of electrocution hazards
  • Statistics

What are the major types of electrocution hazards in construction?

  • Contact with overhead power lines
  • Contact with energized sources (e.g., live parts, damaged or bare wires, defective equipment or tools)
  • Improper use of extension and flexible cords

How can I protect myself from electrocution hazards?

  • Maintain a safe distance from overhead power lines
  • Use ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI)
  • Inspect portable tools and extension cords
  • Use power tools and equipment as designed
  • Follow lockout/tagout procedures

What is my employer required to do to protect workers from electrocutions?

  • Ensure overhead power line safety
  • Isolate electrical parts
  • Supply ground-fault circuit Interrupters (GFCI)
  • Ensure proper grounding
  • Ensure power tools are maintained in a safe condition
  • Ensure proper guarding
  • Provide training
  • Enforce a LOTO safety-related work practices
  • Ensure Proper Use of Flexible Cords