Gas Detection Training Online

Gas Detection Training Online

Gas detection at a work site can save lives and prevent serious injuries.

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Gas detection training provides information about gas detection equipment and procedures that can prevent fatalities and injuries. Our Gas Detection training will teach workers general information about gas detection in their area of work.

Who Needs Gas Detection Training?

Individuals working at a site using gas detection equipment and their supervisors

Course Outline

Gas detection overview

  • Importance of gas detection
  • Detection uses
  • Sensors
  • History
  • Types
  • Calibrations and checks
  • Gases to detect

Working at gas detection sites

  • Toxic and flammable atmospheres
  • Detection devices
  • Monitoring devices
  • Testing

Industry considerations

  • Industries with gas detection
  • Petroleum industry overview
  • Mining industry case study

Petroleum industry focus

  • Working in flammable atmospheres
  • Detection principles
  • Gas monitoring principles
  • Sampling methods
  • Control methods

Best practices

  • Best practices
  • Canadian standards
  • US standards
  • Worker and employee responsibilities