Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Training Online

Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Training Online

Employers have the responsibility to protect workers from hazards that exist in the workplace. If the employer is not aware of a hazard, it is impossible to fulfill this responsibility.

Course Duration
40 minutes



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Job hazard analysis is a way for employers to protect workers by observing tasks, identifying hazards, and controlling the risks.

Job hazard analysis training online will address the importance of job hazard analysis in the workplace. The purpose of this course is to convey best practices for identifying, assessing, and controlling hazards.

Who Needs Job Hazard Analysis Training?

Job Hazard Analysis is geared toward all workers, supervisors, and managers in general industry. Business owners may also benefit from this course.

Course Outline

Job Selection

  • What jobs to assess
  • Prioritization
  • JHA team
  • Background preparation
  • Legal requirements


  • Observation
  • Clarify intentions
  • Review notes

Hazard Recognition

  • RACE process
  • Hazards
  • Consequences
  • Contributing factors

Risk Assessment and Control

  • Assess hazards
  • Control methods
  • JHA report
  • Communication and training/li>


  • Evaluate JHA
  • Evaluate controls