Respirator Protection Training Online

Respirator Protection Training Online

Course Duration
35 minutes



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Respirator Protection training online provides information you and your employees need in order to use respirators properly. You as the employer must take additional steps, including providing worksite-specific training, fit-testing and medical evaluation, and hands-on training on how to don and doff respirators and conduct user seal checks. Respirator protection training will also ensure workers will be able to successfully use respirators correctly.

Who Needs Respirator Protection Training?

All workers and supervisors who are exposed to respiratory hazards on the job

Course Outline

Respiratory Hazards

  • Types
  • Health effects
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Purpose of respirators

Respirator Selection

  • Based on hazard assessment and other factors
  • Capabilities and limitations of respirators
  • Types of Respirators
  • Levels of protection/protection factors

Hazard assessment

  • Identify and evaluate hazards

Use of Respirators

  • When
  • Restrictions
  • Donning and Doffing
  • Seal check
  • Voluntary use

Medical evaluation

  • Prior to fit-testing, medical confirmation that worker does not have any condition that could prevent safe use of a respirator
  • Re-evaluation
  • Must be fit to do the work while wearing a respirator


  • Qualitative or qualitative
  • When
  • How

Cleaning, inspecting, maintenance, storage

  • Cleaned and sanitized
  • As often as necessary
  • Emergency respirators
  • Inspection before and after each use
  • Report defective equipment
  • Clean and sanitary location
  • Stored to retain natural configuration

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