Safe Operation of a Mobile Boom Crane Training (up to 8 tonnes) Train-the-Trainer

Safe Operation of a Mobile Boom Crane Training (up to 8 tonnes) Train-the-Trainer

Course Duration
8 hours

$1,245 + HST

Course Summary

This course is designed to instruct workplace trainers on how to effectively deliver OSG’s Safe Operation of a Mobile Boom Crane course.

Mobile boom cranes are an essential piece of equipment required for safe and efficient material handling on construction and industrial job sites. Competent operators that apply what they have been taught, contribute to overall site safety through their training, knowledge and experience.

Failure to have competent operators has led to tip overs, boom collapses, contact with power lines, or uncontrolled hoisted loads. This has resulted in injury or loss to life, product and property. This course will provide participants with the necessary knowledge required to properly identify hazards, inspect, and safely operate the equipment.

In order for an operator to receive a certificate of competency, successful completion of theory and practical testing is required.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain hazards specific to the equipment and job site
  • Identify and discuss common crane components
  • Explain and perform thorough pre-operational inspections
  • Explain stability principle and load charts
  • Execute a safe lift plan
  • Explain safe hoisting and operating techniques
  • Discuss relevant legislation

Course Materials

Leader’s Guide, 10 Participant Manuals, Locked PowerPoint presentation, wallet card, wall certificate, wallet card template, answer key, evaluation templates, record of attendance

Target Audience

Instructors, mobile boom crane operators, worksite supervisors/managers

Legislative Reference

O.Reg 213/91 Construction Projects. s. 96(1)
O.Reg. 851 Industrial Establishments s. 51(2)
Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations s. 14.23(1)
CSA Z-150 Safety Code for Mobile Boom Cranes

Equipment Evaluation

The fee for the Train-the-Trainer course includes one on-site practical evaluation from OSG to a location within the 519, 548 and 226; 416, 437 and 647; and 289, 365 and 905 area codes. OSG recommends that practical evaluations be completed within 90 days of completing the theory portion of the program.

In order for evaluations to be completed, the following conditions must be met:

  • Confirmation of the date and location of the equipment evaluation must be received in advance
  • Participant has a minimum of 1 day practical experience on each piece of equipment he/she will be operating
  • Equipment is in good working order and annual equipment certification is completed

Please Note: This course is not approved by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities and does not include Broderson training.

Continuing Education Credits

HRPA has approved this course for CPD. Please contact us at 800.815.9980 to find out more.