Skid Steer Training

Skid Steer Training

The manoeuvrability that makes skid steers such valuable machines for construction, landscaping, and agriculture also makes them very dangerous.

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Safe Operation of Skid Steers training provides participants with a general understanding of the safe operation of skid steers. It covers the dangers of working with skid steers and provides safety information, checklists, and exercises aimed at preventing injury and death.

Who Needs Safe Operation of Skid Steers Training?

All workers and supervisors who operate or work around skid steers.

Course Outline

Hazards of Skid Steers

  • Due to the physical design of machine and operator error
  • Most common causes of fatality and serious injury
  • Other hazards

Safety Features

  • Interlocking
  • Rollover protection structures (ROPS)/Falling object protection structures(FOPS)
  • Side screens
  • Seat belts
  • Openings for emergency exit
  • Grab handles and steps
  • Lift arm supports
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Safety signs, instructions, warnings

Pre-Operation Activities

  • Training
  • Pre-operation inspection
  • Clearing the area

Safe Entering and Exiting

  • Getting into cab
  • Shutting down
  • Exiting cab

Safe Operating Procedures

  • Start up
  • Operation
  • Field of vision
  • Travelling
  • Carrying loads
  • Loading and unloading
  • Buckets
  • Bystanders

Skid Steer Maintenance

  • Maintenance and inspection program
  • Maintenance inspections
  • Maintaining safety devices
  • Safety during maintenance
  • Servicing under raised buckets