Webinar: Emergency Preparedness – What to Do When?

Webinar: Emergency Preparedness – What to Do When?

Webinar Date & Time

Wednesday, Aug 12 from 1 – 2 pm (EST)



Something bad has happened, chaos has broken out, and you are the one in charge.  What do you do first?  Are you prepared to deal with fire, severe weather, and/or bomb threats?  Do you have a plan, and have workers been properly trained?

Join us August 12, 2015 to gather the necessary resources and information to assess your workplace for potential emergencies, and to develop a response plan in case of such emergencies.  Upon completion of the webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the potential emergency situations that could occur
  • Plan for the worst case scenarios
  • Conduct practice drills

With any OSG Webinar you can expect to interact with a safety professional, and receive a few freebies!  This webinar will provide you with access to the following:

  • Sample emergency response plan
  • Emergency phone list

Speaker: Trish Kriz, CRSP

Trish Kriz, CRSP

Trish provides interactive, memorable training through a combination of comic relief, group interactivity and her ability to share sound health and safety fundamentals.

Trish has also been responsible for the development of both in-class and online training programs designed to incorporate adult learning principles and meet the specific needs of the client. Her most recent accomplishment is the successful acquisition of her CRSP designation.