How it Works

The WSIB Excellence Program with OSG aims to help organizations improve their health & safety program and get rewarded for doing so.

Being successful with the program takes work, but OSG is here to help.

Below we outline how you can go from registration to rebates.

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Register for the program through OSG

To participate in the WSIB’s Health & Safety Excellence Program, you need to register with an approved provider, such as OSG. All Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 businesses with an active WSIB account number are eligible to participate. 

By registering with OSG, you get:

  • The opportunity to earn rebates from the WSIB for improving health and safety at your organization
  • The ability to choose to work on 1 to 5 health and safety topics in a 12-month period
  • Topic-specific guides, tips and best practices to ensure success during implementation
  • Webinars hosted by subject matter experts, as well as networking opportunities with other Program Members
  • Review and discussion of your action plan prior to approval
  • Individual check-in with your Excellence Program Advisor halfway through your journey, allowing you the opportunity to discuss and get advice on the specifics of your organization's implementation efforts
  • Consultation with your Excellence Program Advisor prior to your submission to WSIB  to fully review your Evidence Package
  • Answers to your program questions, Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm

You can easily register with us online.

Complete an assessment to help determine which topics to work on

After you register, you will be provided with a registration link to log in to the online digital portal for the program. This is where you will complete your health & safety assessment. 

The assessment is an online questionnaire to help identify gaps in your current health and safety program and the topics your business still needs to develop. It is quick and easy to complete.

You’ll also get to participate in our onboarding process which will help understand how to create an action plan and implement your topics. 

Image from Health and Safety Excellence program – Member Guideline, WSIB.
Image from Health and Safety Excellence program – Member Guideline, WSIB.

Develop an action plan

Once you’ve completed the assessment and attended our onboarding session, you get to choose which topics you want to complete.

A topic is a component of a health and safety program that relates to a specific hazard, or a process, such as training or first aid. The focus of each health and safety topic is to develop a process to eliminate or control a hazard and meet or exceed legislative compliance. You can complete 1 to 5 topics in a 12-month period. Learn more about topics

After selecting your health and safety topics, you create your action plan in the digital portal.  Your action plan outlines the topics you have selected, why you’ve selected them, and what you expect to achieve while working on each topic.

After you’ve completed your action plan, your OSG advisor will review it with you. Once it's approved by OSG, you can start to work on your topics.

With the help of OSG, learn and implement the safety topics you’ve chosen

Now that your action plan has been approved by your provider, you are required to implement the topic within your workplace. OSG will provide you with resources to help you through the steps involved in implementing your topics.

Typically, you will implement your topic using the WSIB’s five steps to managing health and safety. The five steps to managing health and safety are:

  1. Create a standard (plan)
  2. Communicate (do)
  3. Train (do)
  4. Evaluate (check)
  5. Make improvements and acknowledge success (act)
A circular process with 5 steps: Create a Standard, COmmunicate, Train, Evaluate, Improve and Acknowledge

Submit evidence of your completion for review by a WSIB validator

Once you have implemented a health and safety topic from your action plan, it’s time for validation by the WSIB. You will submit evidence that your organization has met the requirements of the topic you selected. Evidence can include policies, training records, videos, and so on. 

OSG will review your evidence prior to submission to the WSIB. 

The WSIB will review your evidence and mark your topic as complete, incomplete, or ask for additional evidence.

Receive a rebate on your WSIB premiums

If your topic is considered complete by the WSIB, you will receive a rebate! The amount of your rebate will depend on the WSIB premiums you pay. For each topic you complete, you can earn a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $50,000. 

Rebates are paid out quarterly and are paid by cheque or direct deposit.

Ready to get rewarded for improving your health & safety program?

Join the WSIB Excellence Program with OSG Now

Organizations with fewer than 100 employees, please contact us to register.