WSIB Excellence Program with OSG


The WSIB Excellence Program with OSG aims to help organizations improve their health & safety program and get rewarded for doing so. WSIB’s Excellence Program consists of 36 health and safety topics that are subdivided into 3 levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced

After you enroll in the program, you will be invited to complete an assessment to provide a snapshot of your existing health & safety program. The assessment can help you decide whether you should focus on Foundation, Intermediate, or Advanced level topics. Your OSG Advisor can also help you select topics.

Image from Health and Safety Excellence program – Member Guideline, WSIB.
Image from Health and Safety Excellence program – Member Guideline, WSIB.


These are essential topics to start building your health and safety program. They include:

  • Leadership and commitment
  • Health and safety responsibilities
  • Health and safety communication
  • Health and safety participation
  • Recognition of hazards
  • Risk assessment
  • Control of hazards
  • Injury, illness and incident reporting
  • Incident investigation and analysis
  • First aid


Topics to build and customize your health and safety program or management system.

  • Competency
  • Health and safety training
  • Legal and other requirements
  • Health and safety accountabilities
  • Emergency prevention and preparedness
  • Emergency response
  • Return-to-work program requirements, forms and tools
  • Return-to-work roles and responsibilities
  • Accommodation and return-to-work plans
  • Pre-use inspections
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Control of documents
  • Control of records
  • Contractor management program
  • Workplace health promotion
  • Health and safety objectives
  • Corrective action


  • Change management and procurement
  • Monitoring, measurement and analysis
  • Review health and safety trends
  • Internal audit
  • Management review
  • Health and safety continual improvement planning
  • External audit
  • Networking and peer learning
  • Corporate social responsibility

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