7 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Ministry of Labour Inspection Blitz – Equipment Edition

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Are you Prepared for your Next Ministry of Labour Inspection Blitz?

The Ministry of Labour is planning equipment inspection blitzes this autumn. Are you prepared? In order to be ready for a visit from the Ministry of Labour, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is your equipment inspected regularly and certified annually?

If your equipment passed its annual inspection and you have the documentation to support it, then the Ministry of Labour blitz at your workplace will be off to a good start. If your equipment is lacking this information, it is important that you have it inspected by a qualified competent person.

2. Have you performed and recorded pre-operational inspections?

Pre-operational inspections are required as per O. Reg. 851 S.51(b) of the Ontario Health and Safety Act & Regulations. You must keep a log of the inspection results, and keep that log with the equipment. In the event of a blitz, you must be able to quickly produce completed log reports, which include the results of all pre-operational checks.

3. Are your workplace equipment operators trained, certified, and evaluated?

At OSG, we train a variety of lifting and equipment courses. Leading industry practices suggest that theory and practical evaluations be completed every three years. OSG recommends practical evaluations be completed more often – at regular intervals of 18 months. Having a competent workplace trainer complete one of OSG’s Train-the-Trainer programs can help you facilitate workplace training and evaluations, or OSG’s dedicated evaluator can visit your workplace whenever the need for practical evaluations presents itself.

4. Are your equipment operators putting their training into practice and operating safely?

Ministry of Labour inspectors are looking for equipment operators who can put what they learned during theory training into practice. For example, during theory training, operators learn recognizing hazards, inspections, and safe operating practices. However, if operators are not putting these concepts into practice, then the theory training was not effective enough, and the operator requires further theory training. Ministry inspectors want to see evidence that what was learned in theory training is being transferred to real-life work.

5. Are equipment operators able to recognize, assess, and control (RAC) hazards related to the equipment?

When Ministry of Labour inspectors conduct blitz inspections, they want to see that operators can identify, assess, and control hazards effectively. Hazards can include anything from adverse weather conditions, poor administrative controls, or obstructions in the path of travel. Complacency, a bad attitude, and ergonomic concerns are also hazards associated with equipment usage. Being able to spot, and then rectify, hazards are essential components to safe equipment operation. Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt!

6. Are you familiar with, and following, the manufacturer’s guidelines for equipment in your workplace?

All equipment comes with operating manuals that includes the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for inspections and safe operation. During blitz inspections, Ministry Inspectors want to see that the guidelines are being adhered to. It demonstrates a commitment to safe and proper operations of equipment, as it was designed by the manufacturer to be used.

7. Is your equipment in good working order?

The Ministry of Labour will be looking for damage that hinders the safe operation of the machine. Some examples include flat tires, bent lifting plates, or broken chains and slings. Ensure that you are completing regular preventative maintenance as per manufacturer’s guidelines to avoid and mitigate damage to equipment.

OSG Can Help!

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, OSG can help! We can help you prepare for a Ministry of Labour Mobile Crane or Material Hoisting blitz inspection, or blitz inspections on any other equipment in your workplace. We train a variety of lifting and other equipment courses, and we also offer a Train-the-Trainer program for some titles that will help you get your workplace on track to pass a Ministry of Labour blitz inspection with flying colours! We also offer consulting services, and can help you identify areas where improvement is required.

Take a look at our Equipment Safety Courses

Safe Operation of Aerial Work Platforms*
Safe Operation of a Bucket Truck
Safe Operation of an Electric Pallet Truck
Safe Operation of Hoists
Safe Operation of a Lift Truck*
Safe Operation of Overhead Cranes*
Safe Operation of a Telehandler Lift Truck*

*Train-the-Trainer Option Available

Let us help you – don’t wait for the Ministry of Labour to identify areas for improvement during a blitz!
Call us today at 800.815.9980 to speak to one of our health and safety experts to book theory training, a practical evaluation, or consulting services, or e-mail us at info@osg.ca.

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