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Distance Learning FAQ

How are distance learning courses different from in-person courses?

Distance learning courses provide a similar experience as in-person facilitator-led courses, just delivered online. All participants enrolled in a distance learning course have to be in the same online classroom, on the same date, at the same time.

The facilitator will still conduct the training but instead of being in a classroom, they will be speaking into a webcam to their virtual classroom.

What are the technology requirements for distance learning?

For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with the Chrome browser. You will need to have built-in or external speakers to hear the facilitator.

We highly recommend completing a system check for Big Marker, the platform we use for Distance Learning courses.

You will need a microphone and webcam for Train-the-Trainer courses only. All other courses, including Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training, do not require a microphone or webcam.

Do I need a webcam to participate?

That depends on the course you are enrolled in. All Train-the-Trainer Distance Learning courses require a webcam.

For all other courses, a webcam is not required. However, since our courses encourage learner participation, you may be asked to turn on your webcam if you have one.

For all courses, your facilitator will be using a webcam so you will be able to see your facilitator live on your screen!

Do I need a microphone to participate?

The only courses that require a microphone to are Train-the-Trainer Distance Learning courses.

A microphone is not required for all other courses, including Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification Training. While there may be opportunities for participants to speak during the course if they do have a microphone, there is also a chat room available for those without access to a microphone.

Can I share the same login with a colleague?

No, logins cannot be shared. In order to obtain a certificate, you need to have completed the course as an individual. You can enroll multiple participants in the same course, but they will need to attend separately. 

How many people can attend the same course?

Typically, the maximum number of participants in a course is 25, but it varies depending on the course. The maximum number of participants for Train-the-Trainer courses is 10-12 people, depending on the specific course.

When can I enter the classroom of the course I'm attending?

You can enter the virtual classroom 15 minutes before the start time or at the exact start time. If you arrive early, you can remain on the webinar page and wait for the enter button to appear. 

 When the webinar is open, you will see a green enter button.

How can I be sure an employee of mine is attending and engaged in the course?

Even though the course is being held online, a facilitator will take attendance and be present throughout the duration of the course. If someone who registered does not attend, we will get in touch with whoever booked the course to let them know of the absence. 

We expect and encourage participation in our distance learning courses, just like we would in person. However, at this time, we do not assess different levels of participation. Our assessment comes from the mandatory activities and in many cases, the final assessment, which is an individual test all participants must complete in order to be certified.

Can I attend on my phone or tablet? 

For the best experience, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with the Chrome browser. However, you can attend a course on your phone or tablet by using the BigMarker attendee iOS app or entering via your device's browser.

Can I call or dial-in to attend the course?

You cannot dial-in only as our courses rely on visual instruction as well as audio.

I've registered for a course, what happens next?

You will be sent an email that includes instructions for joining the virtual classroom at least one day prior to the course start.

If you do not receive your link please contact the client success team at 800.815.9980. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST.


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