Proper Reporting Procedures for Joint Health & Safety Committee Workplace Inspections

Workplace inspections are one of the most important functions of the Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), s.9(23), the JHSC must designate a non-management member to inspect the workplace. If possible, the employee should be a certified member of the JHSC. To become certified, a member must complete JHSC Part 1 and Part 2 training. The employee member must inspect the physical condition of the workplace at least once a month (s.9(26)).

The purpose of the monthly inspection is to identify hazards and to make sure current work practices are safe. Workplace inspections determine:

  • If a hazard is present
  • Which employees are exposed or likely to be exposed
  • Any employees who have been subject to illness or injury
  • If established health and safety procedures and processes are being followed

There are four stages of a workplace inspection

  1. Preparation
  2. Inspection
  3. Reporting
  4. Follow-up

In this article, we’ll cover key steps JHSC members must take when reporting on an inspection.

Part 3: Reporting Workplace Inspection Results

Section 9(30) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that the employee member of the JHSC who conducted the workplace inspection report their findings back to the JHSC. All information recorded needs to be organized, legible, and reviewed. Items to include in the report include:

  • All information recorded during the inspection
  • Hazards (detailed and classified based on their potential for harm)
  • Name of inspectors
  • Areas inspected
  • Notes
  • Pictures
  • Observations
  • Recommendations
  • Date and time of inspection

It’s best to complete the report immediately following the inspection so no details are forgotten. The committee should also review the report as soon as possible. Inspection reports should be treated as action plans for identifying any reported hazards.  

Committee Review

Hold a meeting to review workplace inspection reports shortly after the inspection has taken place. The report should be reviewed and discussed by all members. The committee should write up any recommendations before sending the report to the employer. 

Who Receives the Inspection Report?

The inspection report and recommendations need to be distributed to management and the employer. Reports give management an opportunity to provide input and make decisions based on the JHSC’s recommendations. A copy of the report must be retained by the JHSC, and a copy must be kept on file for any Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development inspector who should request it. It’s also a best practice to post a copy of the report on the workplace health and safety board.

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