Respirator Fit Testing Evaluation

Respirator Fit Testing Evaluation

Course Duration

Each fit test takes approximately 20 minutes.
Two people can be tested at one time.



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Respirators are designed to protect when other controls are not feasible in emergency situations, or to supplement other engineering or administrative controls. They are designed to reduce or minimize exposure or contact to chemical or biological hazards.

If respirators are used in the workplace, the employer is responsible for implementing a written respiratory protection program. Training and fit testing is an essential element identified within such a program, as each user must be able to ensure that a proper seal can be achieved.

Our qualified instructors will demonstrate how to achieve a proper seal with the respirators that are used in your workplace, and then proceed to perform the fit test.

Note: OSG trainer carries fit test kit, or you may use your own

Target Audience

Those that wear respirators, including dust masks