Fit Testing Terms & Conditions

Fit Testing is an integral part of any Respiratory Program, and we look forward to partnering with you to ensure that your employees can safely operate at your workplace.

In preparation for our Fit Testers to perform fit tests, please ensure that you have:

  • Trained your employees on your Respiratory Program, and that they are well versed in the appropriate types of respirator for the job they’ll be doing
  • Had all employees who will be donning a respirator meet the medical requirements to use a respirator, as determined by a medical professional

It is the duty of the employer to ensure that the employees using respirators are medically cleared to do so. OSG’s Fit Testers will not proceed with testing of any individuals who do not have medical clearance from a medical professional. 

Additionally, please ensure that all participants being tested:

  • Bring a respirator that has been selected for their use
  • Are clean-shaven where the respirator seals with the face
  • Arrive with any PPE they would normally wear during the job (safety glasses or prescription eyewear, face shields, hearing protection, etc.)

If you don’t have a Medical Assessment Form and wish to use one of ours, please download this template

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