Female inspecting shelves in the storage room for safety. Workplace inspection training.

Job Hazard Analysis Training

  Course Summary Our course is designed to teach participants how to conduct a job hazard analysis. This analysis will assist participants to identify hazards, improve communication between workers and supervisors, and promote safe work habits. Continuing Education Credits


Ladder Safety Training

Course Summary Ladders are used frequently in many workplaces and pose a risk of injury to workers when used improperly. Our course is designed to provide participants with the information required to ensure the ladder is selected properly, inspected, and…


Lockout/Tagout Training

Course Summary Failure to control the release of hazardous energy while servicing and maintaining equipment has the potential to cause severe workplace injuries. Our course is designed to ensure employers, management, and workers can identify the hazards associated with uncontrolled…

Machine guard training table saw

Machine Guarding Training

Course Summary When workers are exposed to rotating parts such as belts, pulleys, shafts, gears and chains, prime movers of equipment, and/or machinery and exposed points of operation, they are potentially at risk of injury. Operators of machinery and equipment…

Train the Trainer

Train-the-Trainer Mandatory Day

Choose a delivery method Classroom Duration: 1 day Price:$285 On-site Duration: 1 day Price:$1,795 Course Summary Training and communication is a key element in every single work environment. Training may include a supervisor or manager orienting and educating a single…

Manual Material Handling

Manual Material Handling Training

Course Summary Every workplace manually handles material; however, poor manual material handling practices are one of the most common, misunderstood, and unrecognized hazards. Our program contains the information necessary for workplace parties to assess jobs, and determine the risk of…

Factory worker on phone

Musculoskeletal Disorder (MSD) Prevention Program Workshop

Summary This session covers the essential components of an MSD prevention program based on the new Ontario MSD Prevention Guideline. It focuses on foundational components, risk identification and controls, methods to monitor and measure the success of your program to…